Bosses at the SCI FI CHANNEL have admitted their reported rift with director M Night Shyamalan is a lie contrived to drum up publicity for their documentary about him.

The network was said to have enraged the sixth sense film-maker by prying into his past and unearthing a big secret which has deeply affected his life.

However, on Friday (16JUL04) president BONNIE HAMMER told reports the stunt was part of a "guerilla marketing campaign" which went a bit too far.

Hammer explains, "We created a fictional special that was part fact and part fiction, and Night was part of the creation from the beginning."

The documentary, which aired on Sunday (18JUL04), including a bogus claim that Shyamalan's life was turned upside down by the drowning of a child near his Philadelphia home.

19/07/2004 17:08