Acclaimed director M Night Shyamalan is considering leaving the protective atmosphere of his home at DISNEY STUDIOS - because he's desperate to direct the film of a BOOKER PRIZE-winning novel.

His films so far, The Sixth Sense, UNBREAKABLE, SIGNS and the upcoming THE VILLAGE, have been made under the auspices of Disney. But Shyamalan is now considering changing studios, and moving to 20TH CENTURY FOX.

He is in talks to adapt, direct, and produce YAN MARTELL's acclaimed book LIFE OF PI, which tells the story of a young Indian boy whose zookeeper father decides to move his family to Canada. After the ship they're on sinks, Pi is left floating on a lifeboat with a zebra, a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, and a hyena.

Shyamalan's interest may have been sparked by the fact that he, like the character Pi, was born in the Indian town of Pondicherry.

10/10/2003 16:32