The BBC is planning a M*A*S*M*A*S*H-like comedy series about British soldiers serving as bomb-disposal experts in Afghanistan. It features bad language, sexual innuendo, sexism and childish banter, but the BBC hopes new series Bluestone 42 will make a little bit of TV history, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported today (Thursday). Series producer Stephen McCrum has acknowledged that the BBC has already received complaints, some of which have come from relatives of British servicemen who have been killed or wounded while serving in Afghanistan. When we explained that we wanted to show the human dimension behind the job, the complaints disappeared, he told The Guardian. We set out to treat this difficult subject with respect. He also said that he had military advisers on the set throughout the filming. One of them, former bomb disposal soldier Liam Fitzpatrick-Finch, told the Guardian that he thought the program was exceptionally authentic.