British actress Lysette Anthony ended up homeless and sleeping at friends' houses after splitting from her partner in 2011.

The Husbands and Wives star was in a relationship with composer Simon Boswell for eight years, and they have a son, Jimi, together.

However, the pair endured a bitter breakup in 2011 and Anthony has now spoken out to reveal she and the couple's child were out on the streets for months and scraped by only with the help of pals.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "The last few years have been particularly difficult. It was the worst of times but I'm through it. I've learned a lot and I'm pleased to say me and my boy are thriving. Peace at last."

Referring to her period of homelessness, she adds, "What surprises me and what I've found difficult to come to terms with is the people - people I know - who have taken extraordinary pleasure in my misery. I'm talking about the people who did nothing when we were homeless... There I was, in a friend's spare room, sharing a bed with a seven-year-old who kept crying because he was so angry and confused. None of it should have happened."