Ice skater/actress Lynn-Holly Johnson is still struggling to recover from a near-fatal stroke she suffered in 2010.

The For Your Eyes Only star has spent the past four years working to improve her condition following a stroke likely caused by three blood clots that travelled to her brain through a small hole in her heart.

Johnson's husband, Kelly Givens, tells People magazine, "She was like a (toy) Etch A Sketch that someone shook and suddenly just went blank. She had a look of fear in her eyes."

Johnson had to spend the next 10 days in a hospital and when she returned home she struggled to regain her basic cognitive functions.

She says, "I was crying every day, always on edge."

Now, the actress estimates she is "80 per cent back," but admits she still battles small issues like losing her train of thought at least once a day.

However, the ordeal has inspired her to become an advocate and help others in her position by urging those who have a family history of patent foramen ovales (hole in the heart) to undergo risk tests.