The actress won an Academy Award for her performance in historical drama 12 Years a Slave in 2013, and her career flourished following the victory, so she was not able to take a break and visit her homeland until last July (15).

During her first time back to Kenya since winning the Oscar, Lupita was treated to an unexpected performance by young students, who feted their new role model with one of the top honours in Kenyan culture.

"The trip was unforgettable I couldn't believe how meaningful my experience had been to a new generation," she explains. "One of the highest honours in my culture is to have a praise song sung for you. So I went back to my ancestral home to visit my grandmother and we have this homecoming event and all these students were singing these songs with quotes from things I have said, like at the Oscars and stuff.

"I was just moved to tears it was just so beautiful."