Lupita Nyong'o ''fangirled'' over 'Black Panther'.

The 34-year-old actress plays a Special Forces warrior in the new Marvel blockbuster and got to see the finished movie for the first time at its Hollywood premiere earlier this week.

And Lupita was so captivated by the film, she got completely drawn in and almost forgot she was a part of the project.

Speaking in a joint interview with her co-star Danai Gurira, she told 'Extra': ''It was so intriguing and arresting. It had me the whole time, the arguments of the story, the way it looks, the sets and the costumes and the hair styles, it delivered on so many levels and then we're in it, which is kind of bizarre, 'cause you're fangirling over this thing and then you're in it and you're like, 'Wait a minute, hold on.' It was just a lot of emotion.''

Meanwhile, Danai - who portrays a General of the Wakandan Armed Forces - hopes the movie will prove inspirational for young girls.

She said: ''It was awesome. It was amazing... there's that deep desire to have little girls watch it and connect and see something they like. We want that for little girls. We want representation.''

The two actresses also revealed they will be working on their next project together.

Asked what's next, they exchanged glances before Lupita said: '''Americanah' is next. And Danai is writing it.''

Danai added: ''And Lupita is the lead role.''

Both stars will also serve as executive producers.

But Lupita played coy when quizzed about speculation she is set to star in a 'Charlie's Angels' reboot.

She simply said: Oh yes, there's all kind of rumours out there.''

Her surprised friend exclaimed: ''I thought that was real-real? I read that!''