The multi-talented actress, who graduated with a master's degree in drama from Yale School of Drama, reveals she has some experience in directing and would like to explore filmic storytelling further.

"I would like to direct in the future, I think that is in my cards, hopefully," the 33-year-old told Variety magazine, adding that film production is a "totally new world".

Lupita shared she has directed before, once for a competition to produce a music video, and also as an undergraduate when she made a documentary called In My Genes, which is about people with congenital disorder albinism in Kenya.

"I wanted to figure out how to make the most of real life, y'know, dramatically," Lupita recalled, adding that she is focused on choosing projects, acting or otherwise, on whether she finds them emotionally engaging on some level.

"My guiding principle is to put my efforts to things I find truly, deeply interesting. It's a lot of time you put in a creative project and so I have to be fully interested and invested in it. Not just because it's a smart idea but because it grabs my heart," she smiled.

The star, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2013 awards for her role in historical drama 12 Years a Slave, also revealed that her golden statuette has pride of place in her home.

"I keep my Oscar on a shelf in my living room, it's next to the window so it can get the best light," she laughed.

Lupita is currently starring in the Broadway show Eclipsed in New York, which tells the tale of five women brought together by upheaval in their homeland of Liberia.

Her Broadway debut comes after a busy schedule completing recent film projects, wrapping production in Uganda on Mira Nair’s The Queen of Katwe opposite David Oyelowo, as well as lending her voice to Jon Favreau’s upcoming Jungle Book as Raksha, set for release this month (15Apr16).