Scottish singer Lulu has stopped using wrinkle-smoothing Botox because the injections made her face "unmovable". The Shout star has, in the past, put her youthful looks down to the $600 (GBP300)-a-time treatments but insists she has now swapped cosmetic surgery for a more healthy lifestyle. The 59-year-old now follows a strict diet and exercise regime, which she credits for restoring her appearance. She says, "I used to have Botox and at first I thought it was fantastic. But it quickly fades. Too much of your face is unmovable and it doesn't actually help you look young, so I stopped." But Lulu refuses to rule out other forms of cosmetic enhancement: "I would consider surgery in the future, but, as with everything, it's a case of going to the best person and having it done in moderation."