Scottish singer Lulu has urged fans to be extra cautious while using Atm machines after she fell victim to thieves who stole her cash card from right in front of her.

The Shout hitmaker was targeted at a cash withdrawal point on Kensington High Street in London on Thursday (28Feb13) and she has now revealed her assailants didn't use force to steal from her.

In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "Wasn't mugged but did have my card stolen from Atm in front of my eyes by some very clever crooks... They put a false front onto the machine... Then two of them talked at me to distract me whilst my card didn't go fully in, they saw my pin no (number) and took the card."

She goes on to warn fans to take care while withdrawing cash from Atm machines, adding, "Dont use Atm outside when alone. Go inside the bank."