Scottish singer Lulu is celebrating more than 50 years in showbusiness by returning to the record label that launched her career.

The Shout hitmaker signed for Decca Records when she was just 15 years old in 1964, and she went on to become a family favourite in her native U.K.

The pop star is planning to launch a new album, Making Life Rhyme, in March (15), and she is delighted that the record will be release on the Decca imprint, paying homage to her early years.

Lulu says, "I'm really proud of this record. I've made a lot of records over the years but this one comes at a time in my life when I'm re-evaluating everything. Life changes, people change, and this album sums up what I see as my place in the world at this time. For that reason it's especially gratifying to me that the album will appear on Decca, my first ever label."

Decca Records President DICkon Stainer adds, "We are delighted to welcome such an iconic singer back to Decca, where she started her career."