Scottish singer Lulu has blasted modern music industry bosses for wasting young talent by simply focusing on sales.

The Shout! hitmaker insists the obsession label executives have with hitting the top of the charts has come at the expense of promising talent.

She tells Britain's Reader's Digest magazine, "The job of a record company is to nurture talent... and believe it or not, they used to be like that. These days if you don't have a big hit with your first record you're finished. It's all about sales and unfortunately music doesn't work like that.

"You can't measure it in units... If you look back to labels like Motown in the Sixties, they believe in their artists and invested their heart and soul in the music. It felt very organic and very real."

The 64 year old fears the industry is doomed if music moguls don't start looking at the long term goal and developing and guiding the careers of promising young stars now.

She adds, "The music business has got itself into a right state and it isn't going to change unless we create labels that care about music."