Luke Wilson fell out with his mother on the set of his new movie THE WENDELL BAKER STORY after hiring revered photographer MARK SELIGER as an actor. The movie star, who wrote and directed the film, hired his mum as the project's still photographer, but then failed to tell her that a world-class snapper was among his cast. Rolling Stone photographer Seliger, who plays a prison warden in the movie, turned up with his camera equipment and shot scenes during his downtime on the set - something which upset Wilson's mum. The actor explains, "He was taking pictures... and my mother said, 'It's really not right that he's taking pictures also...' and she said, 'Either he goes or I go!' "I said, 'I'm not gonna tell him to stop taking pictures, so are you quitting?' and she said, 'Yeah, I am!' and I said, 'Well that's a real coincidence, because you're fired!'" Wilson admits his mother never really left the set after the bust-up - but the family squabble served him well. He adds, "I found that it sends a very clear message to the rest of the cast and crew - that everybody is replaceable." Wilson's co-director and brother Andrew re-hired their mother hours after Luke had fired her, but mum will never forgive her son for threatening to end her career as a set photographer. He adds, "At the wrap party she came up to me and gave me a hug and I thought we were going to have a nice moment and she said, 'I'm not gonna work with you again.'"