LATEST: Actor Luke Wilson has designed a street sneaker/golf shoe hybrid for sportswear firm Puma.
The Old School star, an avid golfer, teamed up with Swedish sports star Johan Edfors to create a line of Puma golf products - and he expects the new multi-purpose shoes to be the range's big seller.
Wilson jokes he came up with the idea while preparing for a lazy summer in Hollywood.
He says, "In between the strikes that keep happening in Hollywood, I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands, so, in between fixing up old Victorian houses and designing clothes and creating my own line of hair conditioner."
Wilson plugged his new shoe on U.S. TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (06Aug08) by giving the late-night programme's host the golf sneakers he was wearing as a gift.
The actor left the show in his socks.
Wilson told Kimmel he still has no idea why he was approached to create a golf fashion line - because he's famously unstylish.
He added, "I have friends that make fun of me (because) I tend to dress in the same colours, so I wind up looking a bit like the UPS (delivery) guy or just your local postman."