Actor Luke Wilson struggled with the premise of his new movie MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, because he couldn't believe he'd break-up with co-star Uma Thurman. The Old School star insists he had to call on all his acting experience to play his latest character, who splits from co-star Thurman's superpowered romantic, because he kept falling in love with her. The actor says, "It's not that believable... When we were shooting the movie, she would do something really crazy and funny, which I find so attractive in a woman, and I'd have to remind myself, 'Now remember, Luke, you want out of this relationship.' I had to draw on all of my acting training. "One time I had a cab driver who told me, 'I don't buy that at all. You leave Uma Thurman? No, that wouldn't happen... It sounds like horses**t to me.' I had to agree with him."