Actor Luke Wilson is used to living in his brother Owen's shadow - and insists he's the "quintessential tag-along little brother". The Royal Tenenbaums star shared a house with his older brother when the pair moved to Los Angeles, living with him for over 10 years. But Wilson admits he wanted to emulate Owen while the pair were housemates, and still visits the abode when he's in the area. He says, "Owen has a good house. I always liked living with him. Maybe it comes from being the youngest in the family. "I lived with Owen for over a decade - and I overstayed my welcome by about three years. I was always following him around. I would see him reading a book and wonder what it was and why he was so interested in it. So he'd finish it and then I would pick it up and read it. "I was the quintessential tag-along little brother. I miss my old room, so sometimes if he's on location I'll still go over there and stay over."