The Kooks wowed fans on Wednesday night (05.09.18) with an intimate gig at The Moth Club in London which included a classic cover by the band.

The indie group - consisting of Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Alexis Nunez and Peter Denton - performed a set comprised of tracks from their latest album 'Let's Go Sunshine' and the best of their past hits.

The boys bounded on stage bouncing with energy and opened with their iconic version of MGMT track 'Kids' - which they first covered in 2009.

They then performed 'Eddie's Gun' and 'Bad Habit' followed by the classic 'She Moves In Her Own Way' which prompted a mass sing-along

Next was the new LP's lead single 'All the Time' and the group continued with a variety of tracks including 'Four Leaf Clover' which frontman Luke thought had serious emo vibes.

He announced on stage: ''I wrote that song and I was like, 'Oh my god, I just wrote an Emo song.' Don't stop believing!''

This was followed by their live debut of the lilting melodic number 'Chicken Bone' followed by 'Fractured and Dazed' and their 'Inside In / Inside Out' staple 'Ooh La' - which made the singer promise fans they would soon hear their favourite old school Kooks song.

He proclaimed: ''We promise we'll play 'Naive', it's in our contract!''

The 2014 hit 'Westside' came before another nostalgia blast with 'Seaside' and then the group's last song before their encore, 'Junk of the Heart (Happy).

They returned to play new track 'No Pressure' and the bands defining song 'Naive'.