The Kooks' Luke Pritchard thinks you'll be able to see his romantic journey through his latest record.

The indie band - comprised of Luke, Hugh Harris, Alexis Nunez, and Peter Denton - released their fifth studio album 'Let's Go Sunshine' on Friday (31.08.18), which is partly inspired by the ''joy'' of meeting his fiancée Ellie Rose.

In an interview with the Metro, he explained: ''I am loved up now and that kind of happened part way through.

''The angsty bits, it's a mix. Each song is meant to have its own little world. We wanted it to be eclectic.

''Songs like 'Swing Low, Kids' on one side and then the loved up 'No Pressure' and 'All The Time'. There's a letting go and a finding something solid. They are just different songs I represent with different things.

''As albums are it's a journey making it, as in life, and yes it's nice to have an amazing person who's inspired me to try and be better. I think that comes across as there's a lot of joy on the record.''

The record is the 'Naive' hitmakers' first in four years, and although Luke knows the industry has changed, he thinks this is an excellent time to come back.

He said: ''There's a freedom to it. Some people ask 'how the f**k are you so big on Spotify?' and I have no clue! Maybe the press and stuff don't give us five out of five stars all the time but people are digging the songs.'

''The cynicism is going. Artists going well you might see on TV are doing well. We just do our thing and let it go. As bands now you can't think about charting because it's the long game, we will know how big a song is in a year.''