Luke Pritchard thinks British fans hated The Kooks last album

The 'She Moves In Her Own Way' rockers have been touring Europe and America and the frontman says they have welcomed the time away from their native UK as they think it may put them back in favour with their home fans.

He said: "We've been working solid, been playing a lot in Europe and in the rest of the world because we've done alright in America and in Europe so we have things over there.

"But I think it's a good thing because for us, although I think our second album, 'Konk', I'm really pleased with it, there was definitely a sort of backlash to it or felt like maybe a good time to go away and also leave a bit of space.

"You need to leave a bit of space between you and people and then when we come back, because we've been working on a third record and when we come back we really want it to be fresh."

Despite his frustration with criticisms of his sound, Luke insists he no longer lets it bother him.

He added to Absolute Radio host Ben Jones: "I used to be really p****d off about it always.

"I think the thing is that if you're not super indie and you try and jump out and if you don't get it spot on, people will tear you down.

"But it is a learning curve and I just feel very passionate at the moment about making great music."

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