Hunky actor Luke Perry has been labelled "a hero" after helping rescue people trapped by a fallen ceiling in the theatre he was performing in.

The BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star was on-stage with co-star Alyson Hannigan in Saturday's (15MAY04) evening performance of the stage version of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY when disaster struck.

Part of the ceiling at London's THEATRE ROYAL playhouse fell down, with lumps of plaster plunging into the terrified audience. Fortunately, a chandelier - which was threatening to fall down upon the crowd - was dragged away by a safety rope - but many credited Perry's calm reaction for saving people from further injury.

Fan JOHN DAVIS says, "He did a great job. He called for anyone not affected to move away."

Perry then helped staff evacuate the theatre and comforted frightened audience members.

Publicist BEN CHAMBERLAIN says, "Luke was a hero."

Ten people have been treated and released from hospital but one woman remains under medical care with "facial injuries". No-one was fatally injured.

17/05/2004 20:53