British hunk Luke Mably turned his back on vegetarianism when he was a teenager - because he was sick of his family's healthy lifestyle.

The Prince + ME star was born and raised a vegetarian because his mother was a hippy chick who insisted on her kids staying away from meat.

Mably says, "I gave up vegetarianism when I was 15. I love meat. My mum thought it was a healthier and a cheaper way to bring up children.

"My sister and my mother are still vegetarians but the boys have decided to be meat eaters."

Mably also had to bribe friends to sample sweet treats because his mother wouldn't let him eat sweets.

He adds, "I wasn't allowed sweets. I'd have apples and oranges and nuts. I still haven't got much of a sweet tooth.

"I used to bribe the children. I'd give them like a two hour go on my bike for one little candy sweet. The first gum I had I took it to bed and went to sleep with it, and in the morning it was all over my face."

09/04/2004 17:28