Young film hunk Luke Mably thoroughly researched his role as a royal in THE Prince + ME - by pretending to be a real European prince in Toronto, Canada.

The actor teams up with Julia Stiles in the love story about a Danish prince who falls for an American college student, and in order to prepare for the role he hit the streets pretending to be royalty.

The Londoner explains, "A few days before shooting in Toronto, I was pacing up and down in my hotel room trying to think of what else I could do to get prepared.

"So I rang Ben Miller, who plays the prince's assistant, and said, 'Let's go out as our characters.'

"We got to the restaurant, and Ben told them that he was with the Prince of Denmark, and we would like to dine there. We got the best table in the house, and I started demanding certain kinds of food.

"I didn't talk to any of the waiters or even make eye contact with them.

"There would be a waiter right next to me, and he would say, 'What do you want, sir?' And I would look at Ben and say, 'I would like chocolate cake.' Then he would turn to the waiter and say, 'He would like chocolate cake.'

"After a while, we had six or seven waiters and waitresses around us who didn't know what to do with themselves. By the time we left, we had kicked up quite a storm."

06/04/2004 21:24