Australian actor Luke Bracey was excited to meet original Point Break actors Bojesse Christopher and James Le Gros when they visited the set of the reboot to shoot cameo appearances.

Christopher and Le Gros played Grommet and Roach, two members of Patrick Swayze's gang of surfers-turned-robbers, in the 1991 cult classic and they turn to the other side of the law to play Fbi agents in the new version of the film.

Bracey, who plays Keanu Reeves' agent character Johnny Utah, admits he was glad to have some of the original castmembers on set to give their blessing.

He tells Wenn, "We have a couple of cameos from Bojesse Christopher and James... they were the original Roach and Grommet. They make a little bit of a cameo in this one in the part of the movie in the Fbi and for me to meet them and to have them on the movie it was real pleasure and a bit of an honour.

"Roach and Grommet, from the originals, I mean it was one of my favourite movies, and to meet them was a bit of a thrill for me and to have them give their blessing to the new movie and be really excited about what we're doing with it, I mean that put my mind at ease. It was one of the first days of work when they were working so it was good to have their blessing at the start of a movie. I really appreciated it."

Bracey is best known for his role in romantic drama The Best of Me, which is released on Blu-ray and Dvd in the U.K. on 9 February (15).

The new Point Break film is due for release in December (15).