Fernandez sparked rumours that he and one-time rival Miguel were heading out on the road together for a 2016 trek in November (15) by posting cryptic messages on social media.

While the tour was never officially confirmed, a representative for Fernandez announced on Thursday (18Feb16) that plans for the collaboration have failed.

A statement reads: "Despite the financial and labor-intensive efforts undertaken by Alejandro and his team to put this tour together, including separating dates for the shows planned, today we are sorry to say that the aforementioned tour is in no condition to take place.

"We are forced to clarify the situation so neither the media, nor promoters nor fans in general are mislead (sic) regarding a tour that, at this point, doesn’t exist."

Talks of a Fernandez/Miguel tour have been ongoing since October (15), and the two singers were expected to hit the road together beginning in April (16) and ending in November (16).

According to Billboard, each singer signed separate preliminary agreements with a tour promoter, but since the final contracts were never signed, the tour was never publicly announced.

Fernandez now plans to tour alone this year (16).