Familiar face Luis Guzman found his way into acting by accident - and he's never looked back.

Puerto Rican Guzman is best known for his hilarious comic turns as a character actor - he's a regular with acclaimed directors Paul Thomas Anderson (MAGNOLIA, Boogie Nights and Punch Drunk Love) and Steven Soderbergh (THE LIMEY, TRAFFIC, OUT OF SIGHT), but his career was all down to a lucky break.

The former social worker was spotted walking down a road in New York's Lower East Side, and the rest is history.

He says, "Someone gave me a phone number and I got an audition for MIAMI VICE. I had no clue what I was doing. I just thought I'd make some money and buy a used car."

And the Anger Management actor is quite happy sticking with second billing, though he wouldn't say no to a chance at the lead. He adds, "I'm happy doing what I do. If some day I get to do the lead thing, I'll do that too."

12/06/2003 17:35