Movie actress Ludivine Sagnier brands American cinema "a big factory" and insists European films are the future of the movie-world.

The French SWIMMING POOL star detests the aggressive competition and materialism of Los Angeles actors and prefers to work with her fellow countrymen, who she says are more thoughtful and less obsessed about their looks.

The 24-year-old explains, "I don't feel comfortable in Los Angeles. Cinema represents life - whereas in LA everything is about cinema, so there's no life any more.

"You feel like you're in a big factory. There's too much competition and actresses are not kind to each other whereas in France you don't hurt people.

"I would rather work with Europeans because I think European cinema has a great future. And French women are not physically perfect, that's what makes them charming.

"Americans have perfection - but it's often perfect surgery."

11/06/2004 08:54