Hip-hop star Ludacris decided he wanted Verne Troyer to appear in the video for his hit track NUMBER ONE SPOT after watching the actor ride a scooter naked on a reality show.

The rapper, real name CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES, sampled QUINCY JONES' SOUL BOSSA NOVA for the track, which also served as the theme for the Austin Powers movies Troyer starred in.

And while most fans have assumed that Troyer's role as MINI-ME in the movies scored him his video appearance, Ludacris admits the diminutive actor's antics on VH1's THE SURREAL LIFE sealed the deal. He says, "When I saw Verne Troyer running around naked on that damn scooter, I said, 'I absolutely, positively have to get him for the damn video.'

"I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. Great guy. It gets no better than him."

04/06/2005 01:55