Rapper Ludacris has created a huge catfish lake on his Atlanta, Georgia, estate so he can perfect his fishing skills.

The SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY star owns a 22-acre (nine-hectare) spread, which houses his impressive mansion, tennis and basketball courts and a movie theatre.

And now he's planning to spend more time relaxing there, thanks to his new lake.

He says, "People would be surprised to know that I'm really trying to get into the whole fishing thing. It clears your mind. It's like one of those things where you can concentrate.

"I have a little paddle boat... but I just stand on the sides of my lake, throw the line in and just try to fish. Then eventually it'll be about cooking that fish.

"I can't cook. I wish I could. I have a cook and I keep saying 'I'mma' learn from her."

19/01/2005 09:18