Hip-hop star Ludacris has signed up ex-con rappers PIMP C, Beanie Sigel and COREY 'C-MURDER' MILLER for a musical reflection on life behind bars. Miller is currently on house arrest awaiting a second trial for the 2002 murder of Louisiana teenage Steve Thomas, while Sigel was released from prison last year (05) after serving a sentence for weapon charges. Texas rapper Pimp C, real name Chad Butler, was released on parole in December (05) after serving half of his sentence for failing to complete community service for an aggravated gun charge. Ludacris, real name Chris Bridges, gathered the controversial rappers together for the track DO YOUR TIME on his forthcoming new album RELEASE THERAPY. He tells MTV.com, "It's me, Pimp C, Beanie Sigel and C-Murder talking about people that's locked up. To be able to get all three of them on the same record - and everybody knows their history, what's gone on in their lives over the last five years - it's going to be one of those songs that's gonna hit you. It's already certified just by saying the names that's on there. "I got C-Murder. I'm talking about as soon as he touched down (from prison). So I thank each and every one of them for doing that, man. Pimp just got out, Beanie and C-Murder. So it's a classic song."