The friendship between Ludacris and Chingy has turned sour after the RIGHT THURR hitmaker accused his mentor and former label Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP) of cheating him out of cash.

Chingy left Ludacris' DTP organisation to start his own SLOT-O-LOT RECORDS label and recently told urban magazine XXL he made the move because he was tired of being "under Luda's wing."

But it was Chingy's accusations that Ludacris' people had mismanaged his money by cutting him out of a merchandising deal that has enraged the SOUTHERN Hospitality rapper.

Ludacris rages, "This is the first time we hear about his accusations - through different media outlets instead of him talking to us individually - so all respect is lost.

"He keeps saying, `It's cool.' It's not cool. There's no cool. There's nothing that's cool between us right now. It's just like completely over.

"Financially, he is still signed to Disturbing Tha Peace, and we'll do what we have to do but we don't want anybody representing the crew that's going to make false accusations like that. We have no respect for this individual, basically."

But Chingy, real name HOWARD BAILEY JR, insists the new "beef" has got way out of control: "It ain't like that... If there was some beef you'd be hearing about it. You'd be hearing about him saying something about me and me saying something about him."

24/11/2004 02:27