Lucy Mecklenburgh worried about her cellulite.

The former 'TOWIE' star has admitted that the unsightly wrinkles on the back of her legs encouraged her to start exercising properly and inspired her love of training in the gym.

She told Women's Fitness: ''I didn't train at all. I was one of those girls who had the gym membership, but never went. And one day I was like, 'OK I'm thin, but I'm unfit, I'm unhealthy and I'm starting to get cellulite - I need to do something.'

''I started doing 30 minutes, but then I wanted an hour! Once you start seeing improvements in your body, you want to do more.''

Lucy - who is known for her slender physique, glowing skin and glossy brunette locks - also credits the gruelling workouts she completes for BBC One's gymnastics show 'Tumble' for helping perfect her impressive figure.

She explained: ''I'm loving the training because I'm getting more definition. I'm using muscles I never knew existed. I like that feeling of feeling strong and I guess it makes me feel more confident.

''We do four to five hours of training a day - trampolining, floor work and rhythmic gymnastics - and one day a week at circus school.

''I've never sweated so much in my entire life. I'm pouring the whole time. But you do feel yourself getting fitter.''

She added: ''I can't wait to get into a bikini and show off my body after five hours a day of gymnastics training!''