Actress Lucy Liu is outraged at suggestions she's betrayed her Chinese roots by playing a Japanese martial arts stunner for Quentin Tarantino's new flick Kill Bill

The movie beauty was stunned by the ethical prejudices she has come against by portraying a Japanese women, and insists it's "insane" to be criticised over a fictional movie role.

The pretty CHICAGO star fumes, "It's insane. Obviously I can't play a WASP girl or a Catholic or an Italian. And now I'm being criticised by some inside and outside the Asian community for putting on a kimono and playing a Japanese woman.

"Am I only supposed to play Chinese-American women? Absolutely not. So I just tell myself to keep moving forward and not be held back by those kinds of attitudes."

Irate Lucy adds, "I'm an actress, this is the way I look, so do you think I can handle the role or not? That's what matters."

30/06/2003 17:29