Charlie's Angels star Lucy Liu may well be one of Hollywood's most appealing screen sirens - but she struggles when it comes to romance.

The actress - who will resume her role as ALEX MUNDAY in follow-up flick CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE later this year (03) - insists men don't pay her any attention.

She says, "Being in love with someone is the biggest high you can have. But men don't pursue me."

And the New York stunner has an explanation for the lack of male interest she attracts - men are fooled by her feisty character LING WOO in TV hit ALLY McBEAL and her kick-boxing expertise in Charlie's Angels.

She continues, "I do think they want me to whip and spank them. I remember when I was flying in from Vancouver, a guy in the immigration office said, 'Oh kick me, kick me!' and I was thinking, 'It's six in the morning, for God's sake, just stamp my passport.'"