Actress-turned-eco warrior Lucy Lawless has strapped herself to an oil tanker docked in her native New Zealand to protest against drilling plans in the Artic.
The former Xena: Warrior Princess star has thrown her support behind a campaign against deep-sea drilling off the coast of her homeland over fears it could cause a similar disaster to the oil spill which wreaked havoc off the port of Tauranga in New Zealand last October (11).
She helped raise awareness of a petition against the drilling plans, but she has now gone one step further by joining six members of eco-group Greenpeace in boarding an oil tanker to protest.
The campaigners have chained themselves to the ship and are refusing to move until the captain calls off his Artic-bound mission, according to
In taped call to the website, Lawless says, "We know we're going to be arrested... but... this is a moral decision for us."
The star also admits she let out a Xena war cry as police helicopters circled above, adding, "I'm embarrassed to tell you when the (police) helicopter was overhead I gave more than one Xena war cry."