XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS star Lucy Lawless can't forgive herself for leaving tourists stranded in Louisiana as Hurricane Katrina hit the state.

The New Zealander actress was filming TV movie VAMPIRE BATS outside New Orleans, Louisiana when she was evacuated with the rest of her cast and crew.

And she'll forever regret not handing over the keys to her rental car to desperate tourists who wanted to leave town.

She tells US news show Entertainment Tonight, "There were some tourists who had been dropped off the day before... and they had no supplies.

"I gave them what supplies I had, but there were too many of them to take with us. My everlasting shame is that I did not give them the rental car that I had.

"I thought, 'Well, it's the production car, it's not really mine to give,' and now I don't know what became of them. I will never, never forget that I didn't help those people."