Actress Lucy Lawless faces a race to lose 10 unwanted pounds (4.5 kilograms) in a week, so she can feel comfortable baring all on camera for the SPARTACUS prequel.
The New Zealand star was such a hit as scheming Lucretia in the TV epic that she and her onscreen husband John Hannah, who both died in a finale massacre, have been brought back to life for a short series, hastily created to allow Spartacus star Andy Whitfield to fully recover from a cancer battle.
But Lawless admits she over-indulged during a recent European vacation and now she's looking for ways to lose the weight fast.
She says, "I went with a friend who's been tremendously sick and it was all about celebrating life and we just ate and drank our way around every country in Europe.
"There is so much pig in Europe, you can't believe it... I cannot tell you how much we overate and how I have to lose, like, 10 ugly pounds in one week.
"I have to be naked-ish, naked enough for Spartacus... You quit the booze (alcohol)... and the pig - that's basically about it."