Lucy Hale makes her own skincare products.

The 'Truth or Dare' star likes to stick to a ''religious'' routine to keep her skin fresh during her busy schedule and uses a mix of kitchen cupboard ingredients as well as her ''secret weapon'' prescription retinol to pamper herself.

Speaking to, the 28-year-old actress said: ''I actually make my own lip exfoliator, using honey and brown sugar! I am a huge skincare lover, and it is the main thing I put first. I never skip my morning or nighttime skincare routine. I am also very religious to my facials, which I do every two weeks. I also swear by Bioderma Micellar Water and my absolute secret weapon is retinol, which you need to get a prescription for, but it's what keeps my skin looking glowy and clear.''

The former 'Pretty Little Liars' actress makes sure to exercise throughout the week to keep herself ''sane'' but constantly changes her routine to keep her excited and motivated.

She confessed: ''Exercise is my number one thing that keeps me sane, so I try and work out four or five times a week but I get really bored easily, so I try and switch it up a lot.''

And the brunette beauty's top tip for making eyes look bright and awake after a late night is to highlight the inner corners and use a skin-toned liner for the inside of the eye

She said: ''I'm all about a good highlighter so I'll put an illuminator or highlighter in the corner of my eyes. I swear by a good lash curler and then, if you want to get real crazy, you can put a flesh tone eyeliner in the waterline of your bottom eyes to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.''