British actor OWAIN YEOMAN has followed his actress wife Lucy Davis' example and dared to bare for animal rights group PETA.
The hunky, vegetarian Troy star appears topless in a new ad for the organisation, in which he urges fans to go meat free.
In the ad, the shirtless star of U.S. TV drama The Mentalist proudly boasts, "I am Owain Yeoman, and I am a vegetarian."
The Welsh actor also filmed two public service announcements for PETA, explaining why vegetarianism works for him and his wife, original The Office star Davis.
He says, "(Eating meat is) not healthy, it's devastating to our planet, and it means a cruel, painful death for literally billions of animals every year."
Yeoman is new to vegetarianism - his actress wife served up a holiday turkey dinner last year (08) and only revealed afterwards that it was faux turkey.
He adds, "As someone who felt they were a confirmed meat eater, I guess ultimately if I can do it, then anyone can. It's a really easy choice to make. And it's a humane choice to make."
Davis went further than just taking her shirt off in a recent British PETA ad - she bared all for a poster, in which she posed and covered up with a cuddly toy ape.