THE OFFICE star Lucy Davis' quest to crack America has been dealt a timely boost - she's signed up to star in a new US sitcom produced by Friends favourite Lisa Kudrow.

The blonde actress - who plays secretary DAWN TINSLEY in the hit British comedy - will star alongside Aisha Tyler, 33, who played ROSS's girlfriend in Friends.

Davis shot to fame in America after The Office scooped two Golden GlobeS earlier this year (JAN04), and she's desperate to take advantage of her surprise success.

She says, "It's exciting to have so much work and so many offers coming in.

"I find it odd that American producers know who I am before I meet them.

"I wanted to have a go at cracking America so that I don't regret not having a go when I'm older."

Lucy is currently promoting her new film Shaun Of The Dead, which hits British cinemas next month (APR04).

31/03/2004 13:47