Lucy Benjamin was overwhelmed by feelings of homesickness on 'I' A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'.

The tearful actress was comforted by George Hamilton after waking and saying she expected a "bad day" and admitted she missed her family.

She said: "Its one of those days.I just woke up going, 'I need my family desperately.' Aching in my tummy and my heart for them. I just had this overwhelming feeling of home."

Meanwhile, Kim Woodburn has been comforting herself by talking to objects around camp.

An amazed Gino D'Acampo joined the rest of Exile Camp in observing the 67-year-old presenter, saying: "She has a conversation with her bra for ten minutes. I never knew anyone who can talk with their bra."

When Kim later headed to the toilet, the rest of the stars were amazed to hear her continuing to talk to herself.

A laughing Gino said: "Please don't tell me she's talking to the toilet. I can hear somebody talking to the toilet. Can you hear it? She's talking to the toilet. How can you talk to a toilet?

"That's quite amazing, if you can put your brain to do that. I find that fascinating actually that you can have a conversation with anything, a toilet or branch or bras or knickers. It's the ultimate entertainment. Can you imagine? How you will never get bored."

Lucy then added: "I don't think Kim's ever bored. Ever."