Blues star Lucinda Williams has finally overcome her fear of flying after realising she was sacrificing her career by refusing to tour.
The 58-year-old singer was once too terrified to step foot on a plane, and her paralysing phobia kept her from travelling abroad to perform.
She tells Britain's Uncut magazine, "I really did have a fear of flying for a long time. I slowly developed it in my thirties and it got worse and worse. I eventually thought, 'If I refuse to get on a plane, my career will be over.'"
The Passionate Kisses hitmaker now credits her husband and manager Tom Overby - as well as powerful anti-anxiety medication - with calming her down in the air.
She adds, "I got some medicine from my doctor to help me relax, an anti-anxiety drug called Ativan. That was my little security blanket. It just kept me from jumping up and freaking out. And I kind of sorted it out.
"When I met Tom, he flew all the time, from being a record executive guy at Universal. So I had a friend to fly with me. Each time it got a little better. It also helps flying first class! You can have a meal, have a drink, take some Ativan, crash out, wake up and you're there. I thought, 'I can do this!'"