In a letter to The Hollywood Reporter, Dave Poulin accepts the memorial in Celoron, New York is not his best work, admitting "it's by far my most unsettling sculpture".

Ball's fans recently launched an online campaign calling for the replacement of the statue erected in her honour in 2009, insisting it bears little resemblance to her, with one writing, "The people of Celoron have erected this horrible statue of Lucy in her hometown. It is a nightmare. We want them to replace it."

Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost has revealed he reached out to Poulin in a bid to convince him to re-cast the statue free of charge, and now it seems the artist is game.

He writes, "I take full responsibility for 'Scary Lucy,' though by no means was that my intent or did I wish to disparage in any way the memories of the iconic Lucy image.

"From the day of its installation, I have shared my disappointment in the final outcome and have always believed it to be by far my most unsettling sculpture, not befitting of Lucy's beauty or my ability as a sculptor. Yes, in retrospect, it should have never been cast in bronze and made public, and I take complete ownership of that poor decision."

Poulin is willing to refurbish the statue at his own expense, adding, "I am heartsick at the feelings that have been evoked as a result of the Celeron Lucy.

"I am a down to earth, hard worker from a humble background. I enjoy what I do, and if a handful of decent folks can find some enjoyment in my work, I am OK with that. I will offer to remove the current statue with the promise of creating a new beautiful and charming Lucy in its place."