The bronze likeness in the village of Celoron, near the I Love Lucy star's native Jamestown, has become a tourist attraction since its unveiling in 2009, but locals are not fans of the life size statue, which depicts the star holding a bottle of the fictional nutritional elixir Vitameatavegamin.

Campaigners set up a page on Facebook in 2012 urging local officials to do something about the "ugly" sculpture, and now supporters have revived their calls for action in the hopes of finally fixing the issue.

A post on the social networking page reads: "The people of Celoron have erected this horrible statue of Lucy in her hometown. It is a nightmare. We want them to replace it."

Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost reveals he has attempted to reach out to the man responsible for the artwork, artist Dave Poulin, over the years in a bid to convince him to re-cast the statue free of charge, because officials do not want to spend taxpayers' money to foot the bill, which is estimated to cost up to $10,000 (£6,250).

The Mayor tells the Jamestown Post-Journal, "We'd like to work with the original sculptor and wish he would stand behind his work enough to step up and fix it for free."

Ball died in 1989.