Opera star Luciano Pavarotti was so distraught when his former lover MADELYN RENEE ditched him, he threatened to jump out of a window.

The legendary singer made a frantic call to his New York-based manager warning him of his suicidal plans, but when HERBERT BRESLIN relayed the threat to aide GIOVANNA CAVALIERE she assured him the larger-than-life star was too big to physically fit through a window.

In Breslin's new book, THE KING AND I - based on his 36 years working alongside Pavarotti - Breslin recalls, "I was used to getting calls at all hours. But this one was different. He was hysterical. I told him, 'Calm down. What's going on?'

"He said, 'She has left me. I'm going to throw myself out the window.'"

But en route to Chicago, Breslin was advised by Cavaliere not to fear for his client's well being.

She told him, "How could he fit through a window? He wouldn't fit."

By the time Breslin burst into Pavarotti's room, he found him in bed with another woman.

18/10/2004 14:21