Luciana Barroso and husband Matt Damon welcomed their fourth child on Wednesday (20th October 2010) , and have named the little girl 'Stella Zavala', reports the UK's Daily Mail. Barroso gave birth to the child in New York, and Damon's spokesman said, "Mum and baby are both healthy. The whole family is thrilled".
The couple already have three daughters, 4-year old Isabella, 2-year-old Gia, as well as 11-year-old Alexis from Barrosa's previous marriage. The 40-year-old Hollywood actor spoke about the upcoming birth at a recent appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman'. When asked what it's like living in a household surrounding by girls, Damon said, "It's great, I grew up with a brother so it's a whole different world. There's a lot of princess outfits, not for me though", before adding, "There are huge differences amongst the girls, kids are amazing like that, same parents, same environment but they're all different".
Damon will be looking to balance caring for the couple's new arrival with his filming duties. He's currently hard at work on the Coen Brothers' new movie, a remake of the 1969 western, 'True Grit'.