Carpenter sued producer Besson, the film's writers/directors James Mather and Stephen Saint-Leger, and executives at production company EuropaCorp for $3.4 million (3 million Euros) in 2012, claiming there were several similarities between his classic Kurt Russell movie and their project.

In a May (15) ruling, which was made public on Thursday (15Oct15), a French judge agreed with Carpenter and noted that changing the location of the film was not enough to overcome the similarities in detail and storyline.

"The difference in the location of the action and the more modern character featured in Lockout was not enough to differentiate the two films," the ruling reads.

Besson and bosses at the production company were ordered to pay $22,800 (20,000 Euros) in damages to Carpenter, $11,400 (10,000 Euros) to his co-writer Nick Castle and $57,000 (50,000 euros) to executives at Studiocanal, which own the distribution rights to the 1981 film.

The plaintiffs are currently appealing the ruling, according to multiple reports.