Acclaimed filmmaker Luc Besson will abandon plans to quit directing if his latest film is a hit - despite announcing his retirement from the big screen earlier this year (SEP06). Animated movie ARTHUR ET LES MINIMOYS, which is based on Besson's books of the same name, features a host of big-name stars including Madonna, Snoop Dogg and David Bowie supplying the voices of the main characters. Speaking in September (06), the 47-year-old Frenchman said, "They are my 10 little babies. I love them all. I am pleased to have completed this cycle. That is finished." Besson then left the movie world to concentrate on civic projects. But the LEON director has backtracked on his earlier words. He says, "After ten films you fear saying the same things. I have seen great directors who I adored make another one or two films and I feel like screaming 'Stop, you have nothing else to say! "I would rather make one film less than one film too many. But if they want another Arthur, I would do it, I wouldn't let someone else do it."