French director Luc Besson is giving up film-making to devote himself to civic projects helping youths in France's depressed inner cities. Besson's latest movie, ARTHUR ET LES MINIMOYS, opens in France on 13 December (06) and Besson says it will be his last. The 47-year-old has made ten films in all, including LEON (THE PROFESSIONAL) and The Fifth Element, but insists it's time for him to move on. He explains, "They are my 10 little babies. I love them all. I am pleased to have completed this cycle. That is finished." Besson, who was once married to The Fifth Element actress Milla Jovovich, has a variety of new projects in mind. He says, "I want to take a little care of my fellow citizens. I want to take a little care of my planet. "I want to act in favour of the inner cities, in favour of the environment. I want to do a lot of things."