Celebrated filmmaker Luc Besson is quitting the movie business so he can concentrate on becoming a better Frenchman. The Fifth Element director admits he's "tired" and doesn't want to disappoint his fans with poor efforts, so he's turning his back on filmmaking to live a richer life. He says, "I worked in this business for 30 years now and I've made 10 films and I'm tired. I can't conceive to make a film if I don't give everything to it... I'd rather stop a little too soon than a little too late. "For me, life is bigger than cinema. There are plenty of things to do, like spending more time with the people you love. I want to be a better citizen and do more for my country and give back a little of what I got. I have a feeling I've got too much." Besson reveals one of the first things he'll do is help struggling Parisians find work: "I see too much misery and too much problems in my country. I see all these kids in bad neighbourhoods in Paris and they have no job and they try. "They study and they have a diploma but, because their name is Kareem or Abdul or they're black, they can't get a job at all. They have so much energy, they're great. "They don't want people to take care of their life; they want to prove they deserve it. I see more energy and willingness and power in these kids than in some kid in a rich neighbourhood in Paris. I know these kids. The only thing they need is just a little dignity and a little help."