Love Actually actress Martine McCutcheon managed to outshine her A-List co-stars at the premiere of her new film last night (16NOV03).

The 27-year-old former soap star wowed the crowd assembled at London's LEICESTER SQUARE in a stunning VALENTINO dress, stealing the limelight from fellow stars Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant.

And Martine is hopeful her first leading film role will make up for her years of struggling to be a star since she left Britain's EASTENDERS series five years ago (98).

She said, "If I never do anything else in my life then this will have been enough. Since I was eight years old I wanted to be a star at a proper premiere.

"I remember when thing were not going so great and there is nothing more miserable. But when it's going well it is unbelievable."

17/11/2003 13:28